Your First Article

Article ID: 1
Written by: sib
Written on: Wed 24 Oct 2012, 1:18
Article Description: You have successfully installed Knowledge Base Mod and this is your first article, containing information on what to do after installing and other hints.

Article content
Welcome to Knowledge Base Mod!
Congratulations you have successfully installed the Knowledge Base Mod. If everything seems to be working fine, then continue down this article and see what you can do now to setup your new mod. If you had any problems during installation, or experience any problems in the future, do not hesitate to visit, and report any bugs or ask for support. You can also find information on additional plugins, translations, styles and new versions there.
The team behind Knowledge Base Mod hopes you will find this mod useful as well as user friendly, happy article composing! :D

What to do after installing:
  1. Setup the general settings the way you want them
  2. Create your own categories - Videoguide
  3. Set permissions for your categories - Videoguide
  4. Configure the plugins - Videoguide
  5. Create article types - Videoguide
  6. Setup attachment extensions for the kb - Tutorial